Kyle Schultz

Position(s): Assistant Chief

Hobbies Firefighting, Golf, Hanging out with friends.
Training Maryland Firefighter I and II, EVOC, Maryland EMT-B, MFRI Pump Operator, Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II Fire Instructor I. New Jersey Firefighter I and EMT-B.
Date I started My Career 2009-02-04
Other Membership Cedar Knolls Fire Dept and First Aid Squad, Cedar Knolls NJ
Service Awards Top Ten Runner 2009, 2009 Rookie of the Year, Unit Citation 2009, Valor Award 2009, Firehouse Magazine Heroism Award 2009, Top Runner 2010, Life Saving Award 2010, Multiple PFIA Valor Awards, Firehouse Magazine Heroism Award 2010, PGFD Silver Medal of Valor 2010.
Positions Held Probationer, Firefighter, Engine Driver, Truck Driver, Ambulance Driver, Sergeant, Captain
Family Mom, Dad, and Brother Mike. The guys at 9.
Favorite Quote "God created truck guys so that the engine guys would have someone to look up to."