Gary Katz, Jr

Position(s): President

Hobbies Drinking, And Despite What Robbie Thinks Firefighting.
Training Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, EMT-B, Haz Mat Awarness, Haz Mat Ops, Haz Mat Tech, National Haz Mat Respone To Terrisom, Rescue Tech, Confine Space Rescue, Pumps, EVOC, Aerial Apparatus Drive/Operator, Fire Officer I
Service Awards 11th Most Runs for Year 2005
11th Most Runs for Year 2006
15th Moat Runs for Year 2008
Positions Held Fire Fighter, Engine Driver, Ambo Driver, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Board of Directors, Vice President, President
Family My Wife Amanda, My Oldest Son Dakota, My Middle Son Joshua and My Youngest Son Nicholas
Favorite Quote *Thats funny, I don't care who you are
*That makes me madder than a Kebler Elf getting demoted to fudge packer