Fire Department

The Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department is a group of very dedicated members who spend their off time from regular jobs, serving the citizens of Bladensburg and other surrounding Prince Georges County areas. With between 15-24 Live-In members being the core of the department, there are still a group of dedicated members that don’t reside in quarters and make regular nights of duty. With a large number of our members working as career firefighters in surrounding counties, and others doing like work in the private or federal departments, the fire service is just something that is in our Blood!

Located no more than 2 miles from the Nations Capital (Washinton,DC) and 4 miles from the University of Maryland, College Park, there is always something going on. Our first due and surrounding areas also have some of the most traveled roads in the country running right through them. Interstate 495, Route 50 , Baltimore Washington Parkway and Interstate 95 are known for some of the more serious accidents in the country.

In April of 2004 the members of Bladensburg decided to make an offer to the county to have the career personnel removed. This was a cooperative effort between both PGFD and our leadeship, in order to help the county eleviate some of the staffing/overtime (budget) issues. Since November 1st the company has been 100% Volunteer, relying solely on the Volunteer members of Company 9. It has proven to be even more of a help than anticipated, with members staffing 2 and sometimes 3 crews, with an ambulance in service, therefore out doing our original expectations.

In trying to provide the best possible service to our community, Company 9 has a complete compliment of apparatus. Running (3) Engines, (1) Ladder Truck and (2) Ambulances, we, as members, can ensure the highest quality of service on every call we run. In station, we have completed a new building addition which has two additional bays, rooms for 26 live-ins and a state of the art computer/study room. All phone systems and station alerting were upgraded as well, to give our members the latest and greatest technology.